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Jeff Egan was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1958. As a child he could always hear the melody. In fact he explains that, “I have always had a guitar in my hands for as long as I can remember.”

It was a fantastic time growing up with all different types of music, whether it was pop, folk, blues, classical, or jazz. “It was the sound of jazz that attracted me the most to music,” Jeff explains. He believes it was the jazz players ability to improvise and their musical conversation with the other musicians that lured him into music.

Jeff started performing in the clubs on the east side of Providence in 1977. This is where he learned how to play musically on a stage and interact with other musicians. Jeff decided to move to South Florida in 1980 to pursue the art of jazz. Here he had the good fortune to begin serious studies with the famed musical author and professor, Vincent Bredice. He continued to perform nightly in many musical settings varying from clubs to large concert venues.

Jeff has enjoyed performing with world-class musicians such as Dave Liebman, Bobby Durham, Ira Sullivan, Michael Gerber, Stan Getz, Steve Bagby, early 80’s members of B.S.T., Pete Minger, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Dizzy Gillespie, as well as many other fine musicians. He is currently
performing in several musical formats. The Jeff Egan Band includes fine players such as Mitch Goldstein on Hammond organ, Luis Macias on drums, and Dave Wilkinson on acoustic bass. Jeff also performs with the fusion rock band The Circle of Trust with Ken Gruneisen on bass and Pat Kregor on drums.

If you would like to create the perfect mood for your venue, whether it is for business or pleasure say it with music.